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Business Finance in Lincoln, Nebraska

One of the main factors that will determine the success or failure of a business is how they manage their finances.  Business finance can be very complex at times—well, most of the time unless that is your area of expertise—and there are a lot of different aspects to consider within... more


Buying a Home in Lincoln, Nebraska

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions, and financial investments, a person will make in their lifetime.  With this gravity in mind, the best approach is to know as much information as possible before you begin the journey and to find knowledgeable industry professionals to assist you... more


Plan Your Wedding in Lincoln, Nebraska

We have just about come to the end of another gorgeous wedding season, which is also a time when many brides-to-be will begin planning for their big day next year.  As opposed to the traditional timing of weddings, it is also important to note that these events have become much... more


Back to School in Lincoln, Nebraska

Many students of all ages will be making the return back to school this month.  Back to School preparation has likely already begun for many of you, and will continue on throughout the rest of the month.  However, no matter how old you are or what educational institution you attend... more


Supporting Non-Profits in Lincoln, Nebraska

At Strictly Business, we not only support the growth and prosperity of local businesses but also the non-profit organizations that keep our community strong—and whose work and outreach are crucial for so many individuals and families living in the Lincoln area.  Non-profits enhance the quality of life for all by... more


Men’s Health & Wellness in Lincoln, Nebraska

For men, staying healthy and happy does require a little more knowledge and effort than most would like to put forth on a regular basis.  But keeping up with preventative maintenance and the staples of a healthy lifestyle is well worth it to say the least.  Additionally, there are plenty... more


Planning a Tradeshow in Lincoln, Nebraska

Trade shows are one of the best opportunities to showcase and demonstrate your business’s latest products and services in front of a large audience, as well as getting exposure for your company in general and examining recent market trends and industry opportunities. Planning Your Trade Show Appearance If you want... more


Unplanned Life Changes in Lincoln, Nebraska

Life is full of the unexpected, but that doesn’t always mean that you are forced to be reactive in handling unplanned life changes.  In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to be proactive in preparing yourself for the unknown.  In these situations, it is crucial to know which local resources... more


Residential Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska

When asked, a majority of homeowners can quickly come up with a list of things that they would like to improve in their home.  The best part about residential remodeling projects is that they offer a lot of flexibility—you can do as little or as much as you want, and... more


Full House: Christian Heritage Foster Families Come in All Sizes

Christian Heritage has many foster parents committed to serving children in need and we are grateful for each one of them. However, some people are called and led to do more than foster. Randy and Cindy Cherek are two such people. The Chereks have four grown children who no longer... more

08/29 - 12:00 am Blush Bridal Casablanca Bridal Trunk Show
Blush Bridal, Lincoln NE
09/04 - 12:00 am Center Sphere, LLC 4th Annual Golf Tournament
Pacific Springs Golf Course, Omaha NE
09/09 - 8:00 am ASTD-Lincoln Midwest Video Summit
Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center, Rm 303, Lincoln NE

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