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spring landscaping feature strictly business magazine lincoln nebraska

Spring Landscaping in Lincoln, Nebraska

Right about the time we are kicking winter out for good, it almost seems like a greener world appears instantly.  However, you can’t just rely on Mother Nature alone to create that gorgeous, spectacular landscape you have been dreaming of.  It not only requires work and dedication on your part,... more

graduations feature strictly busines magazine lincoln nebraska

Graduations in Lincoln, Nebraska

There are many wonderful aspects of spring besides milder weather, with one major event being graduation.  Many people in our community will join in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of numerous high school and college graduates, and this milestone not only is deserving of a great party but it also... more


Planned Life Changes in Lincoln, Nebraska

As life generally goes, there are always things that happen that you were unable to foresee or plan for.  Conversely, there are plenty of events and moments in life that we look forward to in the future and take great pride in planning.  One of the more important aspects of... more

construction feature strictly business magazine lincoln nebraska

Commercial Construction – Create Your Ideal Commercial Space in Lincoln, Nebraska

As a steadily growing and flourishing business community turning the corner into much better weather conditions for construction, it is a healthy assumption that commercial projects will be a very popular undertaking in 2014.  There are many reasons why you may be considering this type of project:  you may have... more

workplace wellness feature lincoln nebraska strictly business magazine

Workplace Wellness – Healthier and Happier Workplaces

Creating a culture of wellness in the workplace has become very common and has certainly expanded over the past decade. Employers are not only considering recommendations to assist with helping its unhealthy population become healthy but also to keep its healthy population from declining by utilizing preventative health practices. Many... more

foster feature strictly business magazine lincoln nebraska

Finding Safe Homes for All Children in Lincoln, Nebraska

Have you ever sat down over a cup of hot cocoa with a 9-year-old and just talked through the day ahead? Or grabbed a basketball and shot hoops with a young man who is facing important decisions about his future? Or even played a game of Chutes and Ladders with... more

joining organizations feature image strictly business magazine lincoln nebraska

Joining Organizations – Becoming Involved In Your Community in Lincoln, Nebraska

As most professionals are well aware, being successful in the business world is rarely based solely upon individual merits but rather a collective effort that involves solid community partnerships and networking efforts.  Generally speaking, there are organizations and associations for nearly every profession or area of interest and many have... more

big red business feature strictly business magazine lincoln nebraska

Big Red Business in Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska–home of the Husker nation—arguably boasts one of the absolute best, and most die-hard, fan base of any university sports program in the United States.  We certainly make no mistake about being loud and proud supporters of University of Nebraska athletics.  So much in fact that just about everywhere... more

wedding feature strictly business magazine lincoln nebraska

Planning Your Wedding – Basics For Your Big Day in Lincoln, Nebraska

After seeing how many recent engagements occurred around the holidays this year, one thing’s for sure…2014 is going to be jam packed with tons of weddings!  It is never too early to start planning for your big day, especially in light of the fact that there are so many pieces... more

senior feature strictly business magazine lincoln nebraska

Senior Living – Staying Active at Age 60 and Beyond in Lincoln, Nebraska

We have officially welcomed February, the month where we are sick and tired of being cooped up during another Nebraska winter and the highly anticipated spring weather is right around the corner.  This is a notoriously awkward month where everyone, young or old, is trying to stay active and pass... more

04/23 - 7:00 pm Roper & Sons - Preserving Family Memories
Lincoln Reception Hall, Lincoln NE
04/24 - 12:00 am Adam Savage to Headline 2014 Nebraska Science Festival
Strategic Air & Space Museum, Ashland NE
04/25 - 7:00 pm Lincoln Haymarket Development Corporation Cork and Ale Festival
Holiday Inn Downtown, Lincoln NE

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