Advanced Medical Imaging of Lincoln, Nebraska – What is SphenoCath?

logo-advanced-medical-imagingAdvanced Medical Imaging (AMI) is the only physician’s office in the region offering the new SphenoCath procedure that provides most patients with immediate relief of headache pain with a simple, gentle, and comfortable in-office procedure that generally only takes about 10-15 minutes.  A majority of patients experience immediate relief utilizing this new technique, Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block (SPG Block), which utilizes the SphenoCath procedure and is safe for adults and children—even for pregnant women.  SphenoCath treats even the most painful headaches, including migraines, cluster headaches and trigeminal neuralgia.

Are you a candidate for a Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block?

If you suffer from headaches, craniofacial pain, facial pain, migraines or trigeminal neuralgia, these are all common ailments that can be treated by a SPG Block.  This new technique is performed by AMI’s Interventional Radiologists, Dr. Eric Vander Woude and Dr. Rahul Razdan, using the SphenoCath.

What are Interventional Radiologists?

Interventional Radiologists are board-certified physicians who specialize in minimally invasive, targeted treatments.  They offer the most in-depth knowledge of the least invasive treatments coupled with diagnostic and clinical experience across all specialties.  They use X-rays, CT, MRI, and other diagnostic imaging equipment to guide tiny instruments, such as tiny needles or catheters, through blood vessels or through the skin to treat diseases without surgery.  Today, many conditions that once required surgery can be treated nonsurgically by Interventional Radiologists.

What is SphenoCath?

The SphenoCath is a small soft tube specifically designed to be inserted into a patient’s nose as they lie on their back and deliver medications precisely and consistently to the area of the sphenopalatine ganglion.  It is a directed, no-needle therapy for migraine headaches and trigeminal neuralgia.

How does a Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block work?

A ganglion is a collection of nerve cells that help to regulate certain functions within your body.  The sphenopalatine ganglion or SPG is located in the back of the nose, and it plays a role in many different types of headaches.  The medication used is intended to temporarily block the function of the SPG.  This is a relatively quick and simple procedure that will improve your quality of life if you suffer from repeated headaches or facial pain.

How is a Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block accomplished?

A flexible SphenoCath catheter is placed into the nasal passages under fluoroscopic guidance, and then a medication is delivered to the mucosa over the sphenopalatine ganglion effectively delivering a SPG Block for migraine pain without the use of needles, cotton swabs or harsh medicines.  In most instances, patients can resume their normal activities within 15-20 minutes.

What should you expect during the procedure?

In most cases, the provider will pre-medicate with a topical anesthetic gel directly onto the nose.  Some patients will experience an unpleasant taste in their mouth or a temporary unpleasant numbness in their throat after the procedure.  Some will feel difficulty in swallowing; however, this will resolve itself in a few minutes.  Generally there is very little discomfort with the procedure.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call the Advanced Medical Imaging team at (402) 484-6677 or visit

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From the Ground Up, A Look Back With Calvin Krueger of Krueger Development in Lincoln, NE

Logo_Krueger_Development_Lincoln_NebraskaCalvin Krueger, patriarch of Krueger Development, recently celebrated his 80th birthday. As a 2nd generation German from Russia he quickly learned his work ethic by helping out on his family’s North Dakota farmstead.

In 1947 the family moved to Lincoln so Calvin and his siblings could attend Union College. While working for a local carpet company, Calvin inquired about a position with Sears and Roebuck. Initially, the manager could only provide a $15 service appointment, but upon successful completion it then turned into a full-time position.

Photo_Krueger_Development_First_Location_Lincoln_NebraskaIn a few years Calvin left Sears and Roebuck to establish his own company, Krueger Carpet, constructing his first building and storefront in 1957 at 4717 Lowell Street. It took only $2000, a $1 permit, and the approval of a single person at the Building and Safety Department to construct the 800 sq. foot structure.

Through Krueger Carpet and his working relationship with Lincoln builders a spark was ignited within Calvin to further pursue his interest in real estate and commercial and residential development.  In 1972 he purchased 26 acres for development at 48th and Highway 2, which became Sutter Place Mall and a new home for Krueger Carpet.

Focusing on the future, Calvin wanted his company to be rooted in family values. In 1985 he joined forces with his son, Rick Krueger, to form the present day Krueger Development. Their initial purchase as partners consisted of 50 acres at 56th and Old Cheney, which has been developed into the Lincoln Trade Center.

Today, Krueger Development continues to expand its focus primarily in south Lincoln. Calvin and Rick strive to preserve their long-standing relationships they have cultivated for decades in the business community. They seek to maintain a family-oriented approach to customer service and quality of work. Many members of the family are involved with the company on some level of business, and with Calvin’s eight great-grandchildren these values and traditions will carry on for years to come.

Photo_Krueger_Center_Union_College_Lincoln_NebraskaCalvin, his wife Sue, and the Krueger family also believe in giving back to the local and global communities. They have traveled and volunteered on many mission trips with Maranatha Volunteers International, where Calvin holds the distinction of being the longest-serving board member. The most recent demonstration of their philanthropy can be seen at Union College where the Krueger Center, a 57,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility for science and mathematics, was completed in-part due to the generous leadership donation from Sue and Calvin.

Krueger Development’s Lincoln presence continues to grow through residential lots at 120th and Old Cheney and 70th and Yankee Hill. They also offer a variety of lease-ready commercial space in South Ridge Village at 27th and Pine Lake, The Lincoln Trade Center at 56th and Old Cheney, the Yankee Hill Business Center at 14th and Yankee Hill, the new Enterprise Center at 84th and Yankee Hill, and several other locations in south Lincoln. Krueger’s apartment properties include Chantacleer Residences at 14th and Pine Lake and Chatelaine Residences at 62nd and Normal.

For more information, contact Krueger Development today.


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FP Wealth of Lincoln – Does Your Company Retirement Plan Need a Check-Up or a Full-Blown Operation?

Logo_FP_Wealth_Management_Lincoln_NebraskaEmployees face challenges when they retire, including worries about market volatility, inflationary concerns, and retirement income sustainability. FP Wealth Management can service your employees’ retirement plan (401k, 403b, profit sharing, money purchase, or safe harbor) in order to provide them with innovative ways to plan for retirement. In a poll of retirees, 85% reported being “extremely or very concerned” about having sufficient income for retirement, 45% reported that they were concerned with market performance risks, and 38% said outliving assets is their top concern.* There may be benefits or options available to employees in their employer’s plan that can address the challenges your employees may face.

As the baby boomer generation enters the age range for retirement, developing trends indicate behavior may be different than expected from past generations. Baby Boomers are “transitioning” into retirement by continuing to work and continuing retirement plan accumulation. This change in behavior patterns gives the employer the opportunity to provide products and services to meet the retirement planning needs of this generation and beyond.

Win-win opportunities are often sought but not always found. So when they do arise, it’s important to take full advantage. Based on some statistics that are central to the retirement planning process, FP Wealth Management may be able to show you the solution that you and your participants have been looking for. While 46% of workers indicate that they are either very likely or somewhat likely to buy or choose a guaranteed income product, only 33% of workers report that either they or their spouse have a defined benefit plan with a current or former employer. Furthermore, only 6% of workers are very confident that the Social Security system will continue to provide benefits of at least equal value to the benefit’s received by retirees today.**

And just as the statistics show a true need to address real participant retirement concerns, FP Wealth Management can show you how your participants can have an option to help address those needs.

Contact Jason Peplinski at FP Wealth Management for an examination of your employees’ retirement plan to see if a change to help them retire more comfortably will benefit your business.

Jason is securities licensed through Investacorp, Inc., a registered broker dealer, member FINRA, SIPC. Jason is also advisory licensed through Investacorp Advisory Services, Inc. a SEC registered investment advisory firm.

By Jason J. Peplinski, MBA, FSS, LUTCF

Office: 402.465.5678 | Toll-Free: 800.745.6029 | Fax: 402.465.8317

770 N Cotner Blvd Suite 411 | Lincoln, NE 68505

* Source: “Winning the Retirement Race,” McKinsey (2007)  ** 3 Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2012 Retirement Confidence Survey

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Russ’s Market Remembers the Legacy of Russ Raybould During 50th Anniversary Year


On September 13, 2014 Lincoln—and Nebraska—lost a leader, a philanthropist and a grocery man. Russ Raybould died at age 92, but he leaves behind a lifetime of innovation and dedication to serving customers and community. Raybould started his grocery business 50 years ago with partner Clayton Burnett when they opened B&R IGA at 17th and Washington Streets in Lincoln. Later he purchased Burnett’s share of the company that became B&R Stores. The original store became a Russ’s Market, and on May 14 of this year he returned there to celebrate the 50th anniversary with his family and the Russ’s Market community.

Under Raybould’s leadership B&R Stores steadily grew to become the largest independent grocer in the region. Today the company owns six Russ’s Market Stores in Lincoln and one in Hastings. In 1984 he saw the potential of the warehouse grocery concept and launched the price conscious Super Saver brand. Today there are nine Super Saver locations in Lincoln, Omaha, Grand Island, Columbus and Council Bluffs, Iowa. B&R Stores also operates Grand Central Apple Market in Kearney and the Save Best grocery store in Lincoln. B&R Stores employs more than 2,000 people and about half of them are part-owners in the company.

As the business grew, Raybould still enjoyed serving customers in the stores. In 1997 he was honored for his leadership and innovation in the grocery business with the IGA International Retailer of the Year Award. He also knew the importance of giving back to the communities served by B&R Stores. Raybould was an early member of the board for the Lincoln Food Bank (now the Food Bank of Lincoln), and was instrumental in starting the FoodNet program in Lincoln. Through his support of numerous worthy causes, Raybould established a culture of giving within the company.

Today, as the company celebrates the 50th anniversary of Russ’s Market stores, it looks ahead to new ways of serving customers. Recently the company opened a new state-of-the-art Russ’s Market store in Hastings, offering more services and a wider selection of specialty foods. A new, larger Super Saver store is planned for Grand Island. The Super Saver location in Lincoln’s Fallbrook neighborhood recently celebrated its first birthday.

But growth and innovation extend beyond the stores. The Russ’s Market Community Rewards program is a new approach to customer rewards cards. It offers special discounts, but it’s also a way to encourage customers to join Russ’s Market in funding organizations that improve the quality of life in our cities and towns. The annual Russ’s Market Wine and Food Experience has become the premier event of its kind and the largest fundraising event for the Lincoln Community Playhouse. Employees of B&R Stores continue to volunteer their time and talents throughout their communities.

Russ’s Market stores have seen a lot of changes over the last 50 years. More changes are coming with new technology and opportunities to grow. But through it all, the legacy of an old-fashioned grocery man who took joy in serving his customers and his community will continue to be the company’s foundation.

17th & Washington | 402-477-1238
70th & Van Dorn | 402-483-0044
66th & O | 402-466-8111
33rd & Hwy 2 | 402-420-1414
63rd & Havelock | 402-464-5804
Coddington & West A | 402-477-6236

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John Henry’s of Lincoln, Nebraska – Where Dreams Come Together!

Logo_John_Henrys_Plumbing_Heating_Air_Conditioning_Lincoln_NebraskaAre you excited to go to work? Does your company have internal energy that motivates you? Do you make a difference in our community? Do your efforts save lives and improve health? Are you happy with the direction of your career?

If so, you may be working at John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. Owners Deb and John Henry (Jack) Zohner are “proud of the John Henry’s team culture and work ethics. They believe your job needs to be fulfilling and fun. The sign on Jack Zohner’s desk for over 25 years asks, “have you had your fun today”?” John Henrys was built around that philosophy.

John Henrys hires for attitude and trains for skill. Positive attitudes have developed a culture that continues to make a difference. It starts with hiring a team that works well together.  John Henrys is proof getting the right person on the bus is important!

It’s taken fine-tuning to improve their hiring practices through the years. Today they hire only quality applicants with positive attitudes. During their interview process John Henrys checks seven personality traits to fill positions with applicants that will fit well. Knowing those personality traits is also important to manage individual personalities and needs. This helps promote diversity of thinking within their team.

Interviews at John Henrys are taken seriously. Multiple managers interview applicants and then compare their findings. Before hiring an applicant, criminal history background is verified, plus drug and alcohol testing. The safety of their customers is important.

Technicians utilize laptop computers to perform at a high level. Their cube trucks are carefully stocked with parts to do 95% of the service calls. GPS helps in dispatching the closest technician to reduce drive time.

Jack Zohner has slowly been stepping away from the business side to allow more concentration on team building. He feels a strong team is the center core of a company and never just profit. He believes, “profit tends to follow strong teams so we concentrate primarily on what’s important”.

Jack Zohner plans to stay involved indefinitely to coach the managers as necessary. Lindsey Reinke, their daughter, and Joe Reinke, their son-in-law have been working in the family owned business for the last 12 years. John Henry’s has a strong management team in place that continues to take things to that next level.

The proof John Henry’s “dream team” is working well together is during the last year achievements include winning the Angie’s List Super Service Awards for Plumbing and HVAC, KFOR Best of Lincoln, Lincoln Journal Star People’s Choice Award, and the BBB Ambassador of Integrity Award. That’s impressive!

Jack Zohner has an open door policy to anyone that wants to tour the John Henry’s facility to see their Learning Center, motivation posters, Diner, plumbing and HVAC collectables, murals, the military wall, and other interesting items.

John Henrys believes in building careers and people. They continue to raise the bar of excellence and set the examples. John Henrys is a place where dreams come together! 


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Nebraska Colocation Centers – A Defining Moment in Technology for Lincoln, Nebraska


Who would have guessed that a building constructed in 1929 would become a hub for Lincoln’s technology growth in 2014?  In October of last year, Nebraska Colocation Centers, or NCC, opened the first phase of “raised floor” data center space in the Sharp Building, located at 206 S. 13th Street.  Local, regional and national interest has been growing since.  With this expansion, NCC now owns and operates two fully-featured colocation centers in Omaha and Lincoln.  The two data centers are interconnected with diverse fiber transport lines offering unique primary and disaster recovery solutions for computer networks.

What is Co-lo-ca-tion?

Colocation Centers provide space, power, cooling, fire suppression and physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment of other firms—and connect them to a variety of telecommunications and network service providers.  With economies of scale, colocation centers can offer their customers a more advanced environment to host computer equipment. Most colocation centers offer:

• Lockable rack cabinets, cages or private suites
• Power (including emergency back-up batteries and generators)
• Access to expanded network connectivity
• Cooling & atmospheric management
• Physical security (video surveillance, biometric and badge access)
• Real-time live monitoring for failures

“We have been working hard to connect with area businesses to explain the benefits of utilizing our data centers”, said Roger Willey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NCC.  “A fully-featured colocation center is new for Lincoln and we are doing our best to communicate the benefit of using our services as well as scheduling tours to show the quality of our facility.”

Interest has not only been gaining from local businesses, but nationally as well.  “Part of our motivation for developing this beautiful building into a data center was to help Lincoln establish a technical infrastructure that will encourage and sustain growth” said Willey.  “We are excited about the interest we are getting from national companies who are now considering Lincoln as an option for hosting their network equipment”.   “Besides lower power rates, there are a lot of advantages for hosting their network in Lincoln rather than other parts of the country.”

Another benefit of the NCC facility in Lincoln is that it is attracting interest from additional communications carriers.  “We have about ten different communications companies that have discussed coming to Lincoln to serve our customers”, said Willey.  NCC owns the “Carrier Hotel” in Omaha which hosts over 34 carriers.   “The good news is that through our facility, there are many local, regional and national carriers that want to serve the needs of Lincoln businesses,” said Willey.  “That only helps the community attract other businesses and jobs into the community.”

So why do businesses colocate their computer equipment and networks?

More Cost Effective – Sharing the cost of space, power infrastructure, cooling and security with other businesses offers economies of scale and lower’s overall costs.  In addition, many businesses prefer to pay monthly fees rather than invest capital in constructing and maintaining their own data center infrastructure.

Lower Costs of Connectivity – Having your network located inside of a colocation center can save on communications costs since carriers are already located within the facility.

Advanced Security – Colocation centers have strict access guidelines and advanced security features that are difficult to justify for a single business.

Advanced Fire Suppression – Colocation centers provide “clean agent” fire suppression capable of suppressing electrical fires without damaging expensive customer hardware with water-based sprinkler systems.

Improved Network Reliability – Redundant power and connectivity sources that is difficult to cost justify for a single business.

More Efficient Use of IT Staff – Colocation centers provide professional staff to monitor security, network up-time and data center atmospherics thus allowing the IT staff to focus on business needs and applications.

Better Use of Office Space – Moving the data center offsite allows for more efficient use of space to support business operations.

Improved Network Performance – Being “on-net” with carriers who are in a colocation facility can offer lower latency and faster wide area networks

Risk Mitigation – With the combined benefits mentioned here, colocation centers allow IT and business managers to mitigate the risks associated with data center outages that result in loss of revenues, customers, and increased expense.

NCC offers affordable colocation services within the Lincoln area that improve network reliability, security and connectivity.

To find out if colocation is right for your business or organization, or to schedule a tour of the Lincoln or Omaha facility, call (402) 342-2656 or email NCC at

Cover photography courtesy of Shane & Sunny Photography


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