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Steph the Mortgage Genie at Peoples Mortgage – A Mortgage Team You Can Trust

Posted: 03/1/15

Steph the Mortgage Genie at Peoples Mortgage and her team are dedicated to making a difference in their local mortgage world.  Stephanie Boyes, the Team Leader, uses her “get it done” attitude to help her clients achieve things they did not believe were possible.  Micaela Meza, the Loan Coordinator, works with the clients throughout the... more

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Feature Stories

Commercial Construction in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 03/1/15

As Lincoln continues to grow and evolve, the commercial landscape of our community is in a constant state of change. Just take a drive around... more


The Typical CEDARS Foster Family in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 03/1/15

Brenda felt like no one believed in her. That’s what she expressed to CEDARS Foster Care staff when she first came to us. She was... more

Jonathon Moberly, Concordia University

| Posted: 03/1/15 Photo_Jonathon_Moberly_Concordia_University_Lincoln_Nebraska

Concordia University, Nebraska, founded in 1894, is a fully accredited, coeducational university located in Seward that... more

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