Lincoln, Nebraska Microbiologist Launches Unique ‘Give a Hand’ Cleaning Service

| Posted: 07/1/14

A Lincoln cleaning business has something most other similar services don’t have – a microbiologist. In fact, the owner of Give a Hand Services, Mopelola Oluwadare, is a microbiologist who offers clients a different type of clean.

Give a Hand offers a deep sanitation service that eliminates bacteria at the root. Instead of merely wiping surfaces, Give a Hand specializes in properly sanitizing your home and office by addressing areas susceptible to high bacterial growth in addition to the regular cleaning service.

Additionally, their “Clean Smart” regimen provides allergen reduction, cross contamination prevention, and heavy contact surfaces sanitization; all done using “Green” plant based cleaning solutions. With a foundation based on microbiology, clients get the same high-quality sanitation that hospitals receive.

Give a Hand offers highly specialized residential and office cleaning services. With a focus on providing a “smart” clean, Give a Hand’s service selection is comprised of  general cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming, and trash removal, as well as deep cleaning, including deodorizing and sanitation, and more.

Give a Hand offers affordable rates for both residential and office cleaning services. With a foundation set on microbiological cleaning, Give a Hand is the most unique cleaning service in Nebraska. For more information about Give a Hand Services, please call (402) 465-4450, email or visit

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