20 Year Warranty on Pacific Cast Stone Products Announced in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 06/1/14

Pacific Cast Stone, Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska has announced that a 20 Year Cast Stone Warranty is now a part of its product offering.  The Warranty covers damage involving cracking, spalling, freeze/thaw, crazing, iron spotting and Alkali Silica Reactivity.  Jack L. Irwin, Chairman/CEO of Pacific Cast Stone, emphasizes that this Warranty was the result of over two years of research and testing of its products in collaboration with Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates of Northbrook, Illinois and Thos. Rewerts & Co., LLC of Kansas City, Missouri.  This Development Team was put together to address the durability issue regarding cast stone products in general.  Both WJE and Rewerts have commented that Pacific Cast Stone products in their now developed form should last in excess of 50 years.  Additionally, Pacific Cast Stone employs a “wet cast process” for manufacturing cast stone, and projects that have Pacific cast stone in place for 9-18 years have been evaluated and are evidence that the “wet cast” production method is superior to the “dry cast” method used by other companies.  Pacific Cast Stone is proud to continue to lead the cast stone industry and provide products of the highest quality standards as it always has in the past.  For more information please see the Pacific Cast Stone website at www.pacificcaststone.com or call (402) 420-2322.

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