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Time to Fly

For the last several months, I’ve talked about identifying your values, discovering your gifts, and living your passion.   I hope I’ve inspired you to think differently about your future – to realize how you can live joyfully while also making a contribution. So now it’s time to flex our wings... more


Beyond Goals: Discovering and Using Your Gifts

I’ve talked about goal-setting for the last two months, and today, I’m hoping you’ll go beyond goal-setting – not to a place of giving up, but a place of letting go. All of us, regardless of how achievement-oriented we’ve been, are struck with a blinding flash of the obvious when... more


Not Achieving Your Goals? Here’s Why

Having lived in three countries and traveled to 30, I can tell you with assurance that the U.S. is uniquely goal-oriented.  The expectation, woven into the fabric of our very culture, is that we will set and achieve ambitious goals.  It’s symbolized by catchphrases stretching from “Manifest Destiny” in the... more


To Achieve Personal Goals, Focus on Bigger Picture

I’ll bet you’re pretty well governed by goals at work—goals that flow from your organization’s long-term strategic plan.  Goals that are aligned with your company’s mission and vision.  And you may be operating with some goals in your personal life as well. Do you know that it’s just as important... more


Wean Yourself Off Whining: Take Action to Solve Problems

It’s so very easy to complain, isn’t it?  All it takes is to move our lips, and technically, we don’t even have to think while doing it! We don’t like to think of ourselves wimpy whiners, but bringing a problem out in the open in order to solve it involves... more


Ensuring New Supervisor Success

Someday (perhaps even now) your organization will be hiring and promoting once again.  When you’re able to promote people to supervisory roles, here are six ways you can help them to be successful. 1. Validate their new status to others.  All too often, people are promoted to their first management... more


The Journey and the Jumper

In a reflective mood, I was re-reading a few of the 200-plus columns I’ve written for Strictly Business over the years. I’ve gotten so many comments about this article, published in January 2000, that I’m updating it for you. I hope it prompts you to reach your own “personal best”... more


Disagreeing with the Boss: Use your head, and keep it!

Sometimes, you hear an idea or get a directive from your boss or one of the higher-ups that you know will spell disaster. Instead of screaming, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” stay calm. By using your head, you’ll be allowed to keep it, vs. having it handed... more


Peg Recognition to Personality, Part 2

In this tight economy, every day we are asked to do more with less, more with less, more with even less. But as a manager, you don’t need to feel entirely enslaved to this tiresome mantra, when you want to reward and recognize your employees’ efforts.  You can do a... more


Peg Recognition to Personality, Part 1

In light of our stalled economy, are you grateful to have a job but tired of doing the work of three people?  So are the employees who report to you. You may not be able to revive their spirits with a bonus. But there are plenty of inexpensive ways to... more

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