Lincoln, Nebraska Needs More Police Officers

| Posted: 03/1/15

Once again the Lincoln Journal Star has chosen to take a swipe at the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) for seeking more police officers for our city. Once again, LIBA disagrees with the LJS. The city of Lincoln needs more police.  That became very evident when emails were released last... more


LIBA – Why You Should Care About LB132 – Also Welcomes New Members

| Posted: 02/1/15

There is a bill in the Legislature that will close a loophole and will keep YOU in charge of your tax dollars and how local government can bond. LB 132 closes a loophole in the... more


LIBA Requests the LPS Board of Education Lower the Property Tax Levy – Also Welcomes New Members

| Posted: 01/1/15

The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) requests the Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) Board of Education work to lower the property tax levy in the next budget year. LIBA recognizes that LPS is not currently in... more


The Lincoln Independent Business Association Says Thanks to Lincoln Electric Systems for Listening and Welcomes New Members

| Posted: 12/1/14

The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) and I would like to express our support for the 2015 Lincoln Electric Systems (LES) budget which does not increase electric rates. In seven of the past ten years... more


Common Sense Solutions in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 11/1/14

We are already hearing a Lancaster County Commissioner predict a property tax increase when next year’s budget session rolls around. The County Commissioners have worked hard to prevent a tax increase in recent years. I... more


Lancaster County Juggles Priorities And The Jail Is Costing Millions in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 10/1/14

Once again this year the Lancaster County Commissioners, and the county staff, have had to make tough choices in funding programs and services. Lancaster County Commissioners have worked hard to preserve vital services, while maintaining... more

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