Why Miss USA Was Scorned and Attacked And The People Who Add to Problems of Women’s Safety!

| Posted: 07/1/14

I didn’t watch the Miss USA Pageant.  But this year’s winner caught my attention.  Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, is a 4th Degree Black Belt trained in our organization, Tiger Rock Martial Arts.  Her original instructor is a friend of mine and she has been training for over 12 years.  I... more


Why Most Kids Summer Programs Fail…PART 2 & What You Can Do to Pick the Right Ones!

| Posted: 06/1/14

Last month, this column was dedicated to identifying how important it is for parents to make good decisions regarding their children’s summer activities, some of the common mistakes, and how you can pick the right... more


Why Most Kids Summer Programs Fail…and What You Can Do to Pick the Right Ones!

| Posted: 05/1/14

First let me be very direct with parents who are reading this column: Your kids learn how to make good decisions by observing you and by testing their boundaries.   What does this have to... more


Bullying: What They Don’t Tell You Can Hurt Them!

| Posted: 04/1/14

Bullying happens and will continue to happen every day at school, at work, and everywhere in our communities.  Most bullying or anti-bullying programs are designed to make people aware of WHAT bullying is and/or WHY... more


Who’s in Charge? You or the Weather? Making Healthy Choices and Improving Your Lifestyle Year Round

| Posted: 03/1/14

As I write this month’s column, I am sitting in Costa Rica.  I have to say the weather down here is a bit nicer this time of year compared to Nebraska.  Last month’s column was... more


Tips for Protecting Your Health When Traveling!

| Posted: 02/1/14

So the last two months I have talked about some great stuff regarding working out, finding your WHY to overcome obstacles, and sticking to what really works…which takes more than just a resolution.  Spring is... more

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