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Bullying: What They Don’t Tell You Can Hurt Them!

Bullying happens and will continue to happen every day at school, at work, and everywhere in our communities.  Most bullying or anti-bullying programs are designed to make people aware of WHAT bullying is and/or WHY people shouldn’t do it.  The problem with this approach is that it often actually leads... more

jeff dousharm tiger rock lincoln

Who’s in Charge? You or the Weather? Making Healthy Choices and Improving Your Lifestyle Year Round

As I write this month’s column, I am sitting in Costa Rica.  I have to say the weather down here is a bit nicer this time of year compared to Nebraska.  Last month’s column was about protecting your health when you travel and I’m practicing what I preach while down... more

jeff dousharm tiger rock lincoln

Tips for Protecting Your Health When Traveling!

So the last two months I have talked about some great stuff regarding working out, finding your WHY to overcome obstacles, and sticking to what really works…which takes more than just a resolution.  Spring is a time when many business owners, sales staff and other professionals travel a great deal.... more

jeff dousharm tiger rock lincoln

Next month…Feb 14th…not just Valentine’s Day…it’s WHY day!

As the New Year kicks off, we look back past year(s) in our business/personal lives and consider change.  One area many people look to change is their health and fitness.  It might be an extra inch (or inches…) from the holidays, it might be long term habits to break, or... more

jeff dousharm tiger rock lincoln

How to Fix the Top 3 Problems and Challenges at Christmas!

Each year things change and every year things stay the same.  What that really means is no matter how much technology and toys advance each year, we face many of the same problems and challenges.  What that means to you is that the solutions should also be the same…and the... more

jeff dousharm tiger rock lincoln

Worried about Gaining Weight This Holiday Season? Protect yourself from Holiday Stress and Pounds!

The holiday season is here.  This usually means more time with family (yes even the ones you don’t like), big meals, banquets, holiday parties and more.  What this also means is the potential for two really big things….STRESS and POUNDS! The holiday season is a major time for professionals to... more

jeff dousharm tiger rock lincoln

Tips for Women’s Safety in Lincoln, Nebraska – Is Nebraska Safe enough for women to not know how to protect themselves in case of attack?

Nebraska is a fantastic place to live, and I say that after having lived in many other states.  We have a wealth of opportunities, amazing people and traditions that we enjoy every year.  That being said, there has been a drastic rise in crime across Nebraska, especially in Lincoln and... more

jeff dousharm tiger rock lincoln

Dangers of Overtraining for Sports!

With schools starting back last month, it brings a variety of changes for both adults and kids.   One of the things we talked about last month was kids health, nutrition, stress etc.  One of the other big issues is sports and training that comes with back to school time. Kids... more


Kid’s Health by Jeff Dousharm, Tiger Rock President

In last month’s column, we talked about men’s health.  This month, with kids heading back to school, a lifestyle change also occurs for most families.  And even if you don’t have kids, it means watching out for them in school zones and so forth. Besides making the transition back to... more


Men’s Health

So Father’s Day was last month.  Whether you are a father or not, this is often a time for men to reflect on how we are doing.  Most successful men at least have some idea in their head (if not actually written down) of where we expected to be at... more

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