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Sandler Training – Do You Have a Bachelor’s in Sales?

Multiple sources suggest that the number one need in business is finding good salespeople. This shouldn’t be a difficult task.  I mean, if you want an engineer, hire someone with an engineering degree. If you want a marketing person, hire someone with a marketing degree. So, if you want a... more


Sandler Training – How Much Are You Worth?

We have been trained at a very young age not to ask this question to anyone because I guess it is rude. I do not want you to violate any rules that your mother gave you, but maybe we would be okay if we asked this question to ourselves. Nobody... more


Sandler Training – Do You Fit the Description of a Typical Salesperson?

I find it interesting that when you ask people to describe a typical salesperson, the words we get are usually not very flattering. Pushy, dishonest, slick, arrogant are words likely to be found on the list. I mean, how many young kids when asked by their parents what they want... more


How to Build Rapport with Prospects to Avoid “Failure to Launch” Syndrome

As professional salespeople we advised that building rapport with prospects is one of the most vital components needed to initiate the sales process and close business.  This initial step has been recited to us so frequently that it should be not only a perfected skill but should come to us... more


Three Key Items to Keep in Mind When Considering Sales Prospects

Recently I met with a prospect who was looking at sales training for his team, and when we got towards the end of the conversation, the prospect asked, “What do you look for in a potential new client?”  I think that is the first time I have been asked that... more


You Can’t Force A Customer To Buy and Other Helpful Advice For Sales Managers

Every month, businesses strive to hit aggressive sales targets that, if hit, will demonstrate business growth.  If the targets are missed, it is common for sales managers to “turn up the heat” thereby pushing their sales team even harder.  The work environment resulting from this negative reaction is not enjoyable... more


Sandler Training – Finding a Sales Development Trainer Is A Good Investment For Your Business

Creating an efficient and consistently productive sales culture entails more than exposing your sales team to an annual motivational workshop.  Although motivation is an important factor in business, it does not address the skills and operational processes needed for sales success.  Companies understanding that bottom line results are directly tied... more


Sandler Training – Talking Less and Listening More to Improve Relationships and Increase Sales

The Sandler Selling System is a direct, consultative approach to sales.  This solution based approach nurtures an honest exchange of information designed to establish trust, build relationships and promote continual sales growth. One of the most common practices seen within the sales profession is the activity of talking too much.... more


7 Steps to Overcoming Sales Failure

The Sandler Selling System™ is a direct, consultative approach to sales.  This solution based approach, nurtures an honest exchange of information which establishes trust, develops relationship and promotes sales growth.  By utilizing these seven steps in succession, sales professionals have been able to successfully manage their prospect interactions and increase... more


Sandler Training – A Goal Setting System Designed to Address All Areas of Your Life

Many business professionals are familiar with writing business goals for the upcoming year.  Unfortunately, it’s common to find these well intentioned goals tossed in a file drawer not to be looked at or referred to again.  What was intended to serve as a guiding force or roadmap for positive behaviors... more

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