Sandler Training – Step Five of Professional Selling: Who Signs the Checks?

| Posted: 03/1/15

I recall a sales opportunity I chased in my previous career. I sold HVAC solutions and I came across a rural hospital that was interested in an energy upgrade to their facility. The building was old and the systems were inefficient. On the outside, this opportunity had all the indicators... more


Sandler Training – Step Four of Professional Selling: Show Me The Money!

| Posted: 02/1/15

I have made more presentations than I can count to prospects that had no money. I would develop a PowerPoint presentation, assemble a professional looking proposal, and involve other sources of expertise to help deliver... more


Sandler Training – Step Three of Professional Selling: It has got to hurt!

| Posted: 01/1/15

I bet right now you are carrying around a wallet or purse that contains your credit cards, debit cards, and/or cash.  I know why you carry that stuff around all the time…it is because you... more


Step Two of Professional Selling: No More Maybe’s!

| Posted: 12/1/14

The last words a salesperson wants to hear are “I need to think this over,” or “I think I will sleep on this,” or “Send me some references,” etc.  These stalls from prospects are all... more


Sandler Training – Step One of Professional Selling: Get Up Off Your Knees!

| Posted: 11/1/14

It is time to stop begging for business.  Stop running around doing everything the prospect asks you, giving them every ounce of knowledge you have, sending thank you cards and trinkets because you think all... more


Sandler Training – Do You Have a Bachelor’s in Sales?

| Posted: 10/1/14

Multiple sources suggest that the number one need in business is finding good salespeople. This shouldn’t be a difficult task.  I mean, if you want an engineer, hire someone with an engineering degree. If you... more

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