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tom champoux unico group inc

Unico Group, Inc.’s Twelve Dos and Don’ts of Preparing for a Premium Audit

While an IRS audit strikes fear in the hearts of business owners, a Workers’ Compensation premium audit is expected and viewed as routine. Yet, there is a very good chance that it can result in higher charges, particularly if you are not adequately prepared. Clerical errors, incorrect classifications, and miscalculations... more

carl zeutzius UNICO group lincoln nebraska

Make HR Easy and Save Money With UNICO HR Solutions

The human resources function in companies continues to evolve and change especially with all the complexities being thrown at companies regarding the ACA, OSHA, compliance, and other legal issues. Many companies that we work with don’t have the staff or the money to have a full-time human resources person so... more

lisa henning unico group lincoln nebraska

Leadership – The Key to Long Term Wellness Culture and The Bottom Line Benefits

New Year’s Resolution…a term we are all familiar with over the years.  This is the time when we renew our commitments and “make good” on our promises.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always do the right thing all year instead of having to renew our promises!  Essentially, that... more

shane ideus unico lincoln nebraska

Identifying Questionable Claims to Prevent Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Questionable claims in Workers’ Compensation represent a very small percentage of claims; however, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) the number of questionable claims is increasing despite falling claims frequency. Questionable claims are claims that NICB member insurance companies refer to NICB for closer review and investigation based... more

mick sibbel unico group inc lincoln nebraska

How Employers Should React to the Healthcare Marketplace and the Changing Health Insurance Landscape

I wrote this on the same day President Obama announced a change in the process of cancelling non-ACA compliant health care plans. The media talking heads had considerable commentary about it. The decision is probably welcome relief but it does not solve the frustration and you still need to discuss... more

lisa henning unico group lincoln nebraska

Worksite Wellness as a Business Strategy That Saves Money and Lives

The Affordable Care Act has made you think about wellness.  How do you do it?  Where do I start?  Do I really need it?  This article is the first in a series of articles that will answer some of the questions above.  Today we will focus on WHY WORKSITE WELLNESS.... more


How to stop higher Workers’ Comp pricing pressures and contain costs to your business

As premiums rise, employers look for ways to improve their risk profiles and control their costs. Pricing pressures come from many angles – medical inflation, claim severity, Medicare set asides, state regulatory changes and lagging investment income from low interest rates. In addition to fairly aggressive price increases, insurance companies... more

tom greco unico lincoln

Six Common Roadblocks to Optimizing Incident Investigation

While many employers have an incident investigation process that identifies root causes and corrective actions, some inadvertently include roadblocks to optimizing the value of the investigation. These include: 1. Inadequate time: There is little doubt that a timely initial investigation leads to better claims management and reduced costs. Details are... more

mick sibbel unico group inc lincoln nebraska

How Health Care Reform (PPACA) will impact employers by Mick Sibbel, UNICO Group, Inc.

In early July the Obama administration announced the delay of a key provision of PPACA. Companies with at least 50 FTE (Full Time Equivalent employees) now have until 2015 to provide coverage if they don’t offer it already, giving them an extra year to work through their plan. In 2014,... more


Five common Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mistakes

Each year, more than 700,000 lost workdays and tens of thousands of no lost time injuries could be prevented with the proper use of PPE, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA’s PPE standards are “performance-based” standards, not “specification” standards. OSHA does not prescribe specific PPE for... more

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