Changing the Conversation Around Health in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 12/1/14

There is a movement in our area to provide intensive wellness services for individuals who are high risk.  These are people that primarily fall in to the obese bucket or have a cluster of health factors called metabolic syndrome.  While true that these folks need assistance to accomplish better quality... more


Five easy, inexpensive and effective ways to lower workplace injuries in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 11/1/14

1. Clean up the workplace Slipping and tripping is always near the top of the list of workplace injuries. According to Phil LaDuke, who presented a talk on “Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here: Housekeeping and... more


How To Avoid Hiring A Workers’ Comp Claim in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 09/1/14

One of the best ways to reduce the costs of Workers’ Comp claims is to avoid hiring an employee who is not fit to perform the essential functions of the job. While that may seem... more


Heat Stress: How to Prevent Costly Injuries to Workers

| Posted: 08/1/14

While many employers are proactive and do an excellent job training workers to prevent heat-related injuries, every year thousands of workers become sick from occupational heat exposure, and some even die. It can happen to... more


Seven Tips to Ensure a Successful Return to Work Process to Avoid Negative Workers Compensation Claims in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 07/1/14

While statistically fewer than one in ten workplace injuries are fraudulent, employers can make the mistake of treating injured employees as damaged goods causing the claim to take on a life of its own. 1.  ... more


How to Develop A Data Driven Wellness Program in Lincoln, Nebraska

| Posted: 06/1/14

In the last two articles on employee wellness, we discussed wellness as a business strategy and the importance of leadership to drive wellness efforts.  Once leadership has committed to a wellness program and you have... more

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