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ComPro of Lincoln, Nebraska: What’s Your Game Plan for Health Insurance Benefits in 2015?

It’s the fall of 1974 and I have finally earned a starting position on my high school football team. I am 6’2” and weigh in at 155lbs.  The coach pencils me in as the starting safety because I am fast.  My instructions were “don’t let anyone get between you and... more


The Third Secret of Guerilla Marketing is to be CONSISTENT

Welcome to our September issue!  In continuing our focus on The 16 Monumental Secrets of Guerilla Marketing–principles presented by Jay Conrad Levinson in his national bestseller GUERILLA MARKETING—“the third major marketing secret is to make your marketing CONSISTENT.”  Conrad expands on this principle, stating, “Change your offers and headlines and... more


ComPro: Changes in the Affordable Care Act Impact Options for Employer Provided Health Insurance

Planning for 2015 is underway for Employer provided health insurance plans. Changes in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act have impacted the timeline and options for 2015 and beyond.  Many small employers will be making a decision in August! Following the announcement by the Federal government that its “transitional... more


Focusing On Your Brand – The Second Secret of Guerilla Marketing

Welcome to our August issue!  In continuing our focus on The 16 Monumental Secrets of Guerilla Marketing–principles presented by Jay Conrad Levinson in his national bestseller GUERILLA MARKETING–#2 is INVESTMENT.  In his book, Conrad says, “Marketing and advertising should be considered conservative investments.  They are not miracle workers.  They are... more


Hunt Irrigation: Ways to Conserve Water While Keeping Your Lawn Healthy in the Summer Months

Hunt Irrigation recently joined Governor Heineman and Mayor Beutler in proclaiming July as Smart Irrigation Month in the state of Nebraska.  The City of Lincoln and the State of Nebraska along with Hunt Irrigation celebrated Smart Irrigation Month last month by helping customers save water, save money and see better... more


ComPro: Losing Employer Provided Health Insurance Is a Qualifying Event and How You Can Stay Protected While Traveling

Entrepreneurs – those brave souls “who organize and manage an enterprise, usually with considerable initiative and risk” (Dictionary.com).  Been there and done that…and applaud all those who are beginning their venture.  One of the most common questions that we receive is - “What happens to my health insurance if I... more


Focusing On Your Brand – The First Secret of Guerilla Marketing

As promised, this month I want to introduce you to the first of The 16 Monumental Secrets of Guerilla Marketing, as conveyed by Jay Conrad Levinson in his national bestseller GUERILLA MARKETING. The first of the sixteen secrets is that you must have COMMITMENT to your marketing program.  Commitment is... more


Changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and What You Need to Know in Lincoln, Nebraska

“If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it” — now for an additional two years!! Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to change.  In November, 2013, the federal government announced that it would continue its “transitional policy” for an additional two plan years.  Then it... more


Focusing on YOUR Brand

I mentioned in last month’s letter that we would begin focusing on The 16 Monumental Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing for business owners in future letters and I still fully plan on doing this.  However, over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that many business owners would benefit from... more


Estate Planning Options in Lincoln, Nebraska

Death is as inevitable as unsolicited offers from credit card companies.  Most of us acquire some property during our lifetimes.  What should we do in contemplation of death? First option: Do nothing.  It’s free and it doesn’t take any effort.  If you don’t have a will, statute provides one for... more

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